2730 S La Chance Rd, Lake City, MI 49651
Telephone: (231) 779-1394
E-mail: info@mclaintransmissions.com

2730 S La Chance Rd, Lake City, MI 49651
Telephone: (231) 779-1394
E-mail: info@mclaintransmissions.com
2730 S La Chance Rd, Lake City, MI 49651
Telephone: (231) 779-1394
E-mail: info@mclaintransmissions.com

McLain Transmissions

Transmission repair in Northern Michigan. Locally owned and operated. Being a member of the community means that we take pride in the work that we do for our neighbors. You can expect honest and expert service from us, every repair, and every time. Servicing Cadillac, Lake City, Manton, Mesick, Big Rapids, Traverse City and surrounding areas. Honest, professional service is what you can expect from us here at McLain Transmissions. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Every vehicle needs proper maintenance with their transmission and drivetrain to ensure it works as efficiently as possible. We offer various transmission repair services such as:
► Automatic & Manual Transmission Repair & Overhaul
►Preventative Maintenance
► Check Engine Light
► Foreign & Domestic
► Chrysler/Jeep/Nissan CVT Transmissions
► Transmission Fluid & Filter Change
► Transfer Cases
► Universal Joints/CV Joints/Axles
► Ring & Pinion Replacement
► Differential Repair & Overhaul
► Drive Line/Driveshaft Vibration Repair
► Complete Driveline Repair
► Clutches

 We warranty our work up to 3 year/100,000 miles

We take pride in making sure you know how valued you are to us. We do not charge for inspections or road tests.

Diagnosing and repairing your vehicle correctly is our number one goal! We have the latest in diagnostic equipment; our Snap On Verus Pro helps us accurately diagnose your vehicle while cutting down the time it takes to do so. We test and make sure that only the parts needed are replaced.

Once your vehicle has been inspected and diagnosed, you will receive an estimate of the work needed. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the process and then await your approval. Our extensive supplier network ensures that we get the best available rates on all parts to ensure that our customer is getting the very best quality at a reasonable cost. Our expert team works hard to maintain the highest standards of repair quality at the lowest possible cost to our customers.

Transmissions are rebuilt by a certified technician in a separate room of the shop. This keeps the transmissions in a clean environment while they are being rebuilt. All work performed on your vehicle is done by a certified technician with years of experience.

Major Transmission Rebuild Services:
► Removal of the transmission
► Complete disassembly of transmission
► Thoroughly clean & inspect all components
► Rebuild & Calibrate by a certified technician using 100% OEM quality parts
► Reinstallation of transmission by a certified technician
► Clean & verify the electrical system (battery, cables, connections and vehicle grounds)
► Hot flush existing radiator cooler lines • Refill with OEM quality fluid
► Computer scan & calibration to verify proper operation
► Road test for proper vehicle & transmission operation
► Warranty 12mos/18,000miles up to 3yr/100,000miles 

We take pride in our business and offer a welcoming lobby and a clean shop. That attention to detail carries over to our customers vehicles, making sure they leave just as clean as they came in. At McLain Transmissions, we promise to diagnose transmission problems and other repair issues in an honest and upfront manner and we are committed to providing exceptional work at a fair price.


"The AOD you built for my LTD works great. Cruising, or all out, it shifts just right, every time. There is a YouTube video of me running at the strip. Thanks again, and take care."

- Adam  

"I have had the pleasure of using McLain Transmissions several times, in the past few years. The shop is very clean, the staff professional, and the work is always thorough. I want to thank Doug and his staff for the professional service that I received when he rebuilt the high performance engine, for my hot rod. His willingness to explain the benefits of the available performance products was extremeley helpful. His attention to details during assembly provided me with the show finish I desired and the engine's performance exceeded my expectations. And all within the budget I had requested. Thanks for the great work! 

- Mike Hamberg