2730 S La Chance Rd, Lake City, MI 49651
Telephone: (231) 779-1394
E-mail: info@mclaintransmissions.com

2730 S La Chance Rd, Lake City, MI 49651
Telephone: (231) 779-1394
E-mail: info@mclaintransmissions.com
2730 S La Chance Rd, Lake City, MI 49651
Telephone: (231) 779-1394
E-mail: info@mclaintransmissions.com

Automatic & Manual Transmissions - While general mechanics will be able to perform many tasks, when it comes to your transmission, you’ll want to bring in the experts. You wouldn’t let a medical doctor fill a cavity would you? Our technicians are able to properly diagnose the problem and then perform both minor and major repairs. Before you get a brand new transmission, make sure you let our experts look under the hood to see what the problem is.

Transmission Fluid & Filter Change - Transmission fluid lubricates, cools and cleans internal transmission parts. Additives in the fluid can deplete over time and many manufacturers recommend that it be replaced periodically. Replacing your transmission fluid and filter according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations helps preserve the life of the transmission and helps maintain your vehicle warranty.

Transfer Cases - The transfer case is serviced by periodically draining its fluid and replacing it with fresh fluid. We also check for leaks and damage. Transfer case fluid cools and lubricates the gears, chains, bearings, shafts and other parts. Over time, the additives in the fluid wear out and it doesn't protect as well. Bits of metal and clutch material can wear off and contaminate the fluid. If the contamination is allowed to stay for too long, it'll further accelerate wear.

Differentials - If you have a front-wheel drive vehicle, the differential function is handled by your transaxle. Of course, all-wheel drive vehicles have differentials on both axles. They also have a center differential or a transfer case between the front and rear axles to compensate for speed differences between the front and rear. Because all the power of the engine is transferred through the various differentials, you can imagine that they are very strong and are built last a long time. That's why it's important to keep your differential properly lubricated. Differential fluid cools and protects the gears.

Ring and Pinion Replacement – A visual inspection of the failed or damaged ring & pinion gears and/or bearings, will usually indicate the cause of most failures. Once the cause is determined, we could then replace the faulty parts with new or improved parts. We can also change the gear ratio if desired and replace or add a limited slip carrier, also known as posi traction.

Driveline/Drive train - The driveline of your vehicle is a combination of several parts that are separate from the engine and transmission. It is comprised of the driveshaft, axles, wheels, differentials and joints - all parts commonly referred to as the drivetrain. Driveline repairs can become necessary when there is physical or structural damage, wear and tear, rusting, or breakage to any component of the system. Common maintenance services related to the drivetrain include changing the differential fluid, clutch repair, driveshaft replacement, and replacing CV axles and CV joints.

Fluid Replacement - It doesn’t matter whether you own an automatic or manual vehicle – you’ll need to have your transmission fluid changed for it to run the way it was intended. When you don’t have your fluid replaced then you’ll find that you shorten the lifespan of the transmission and end up spending more money on repairs. It will depend on your particular style of vehicle how often you need to have the fluid changed. If you aren’t sure what the best rule of mileage is for your car we can help to let you know. We want to make sure that you prevent damage and protect your transmission, and keeping up with fluid replacement is one of the best ways to achieve this. While it may seem like a task you can put on the bottom of the list, you should never put it off. Call us today to schedule an appointment to have your transmission fluid replaced so that the moving components of your transmission can do their job.

signs you need transmission repair

► Odd vibrations and/or sounds
► Fluid that has a burnt smell or is dark in color
► Transmission slipping or becoming more difficult to shift
► Fluid leaks
► Higher RPM’s while driving

You know your vehicle, when something seems different than usual give us a call so we can do an inspection. The sooner you call after noticing an issue, the better chance to limit damage. 

What you should expect

When you go with the team at Mclain Transmissions, you’ll get excellent customer service and attention to every detail from the repairs to the way you are treated. Our goal is to be a solution for all your transmission needs and to give you accurate estimates and fair prices. We handle all vehicles from foreign to domestic and automatic to manual. You should expect your transmission repair shop to deliver the latest advancements in technology and equipment. Experience and the ability to stand behind our service is the key to providing you with the confidence you need to rely on us to get the job done. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

what are the next steps

Now that you know the signs and what you should expect from a company, your next steps are simple. All you have to do is call our knowledgeable customer service or fill out the online contact form. We know that it can be frustrating when you have car troubles and we do our best to take the stress out of the situation by giving you above and beyond customer service, an accurate diagnosis, and a transmission repair that is cost effective and lasting. 


Hot Flush Machine

We have added a new hot flush machine to our equipment line. Allowing us to better serve your transmissions needs. 

How its made - Transmission

This video explains how your transmission is build and works.